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What issues affect my Internet Speed?

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Internet Basics - Important Information Regarding Your Internet Account


Your satisfaction with your Blackfoot Internet account is of paramount importance to us.  We go to great lengths so you have the best user experience that is technologically possible. To ensure your continued happiness, we want to share with you the exceptional features of Blackfoot’s state-of-the-art Internet and Networking services.


DID YOU KNOW…Blackfoot’s Data Center is what you would find in the largest Internet Service Providers and Telephone Companies. Our state-of-the-art primary data center is located in a custom built 7,600 square-foot facility in Missoula, MT with ring protected OC-48 and Gigabit Ethernet connections to multiple Tier 1 carriers. All servers are housed in secure racks in an air-conditioned, static electricity controlled environment. Physical security is provided by an electronic sensor access system which monitors all ingress and egress, as well as a controlled entry. 


Motion sensors and 24-hour access alarm monitoring assures complete control of access to the area. All racks are protected by surge suppression and power management systems with industrial strength generators and state-of-the-art battery powered inverters to ensure uninterrupted server operation in any weather conditions. All environmental and security systems are protected by the same power systems. In the event of a complete power outage, our facility is designed to be fully operational until power is restored. A professional team of highly trained technicians monitor the network 24/7/365 to guarantee smooth operation of your Internet connection.


This means Blackfoot has the ability to provide the most robust and reliable Internet access experience possible with today’s technology. We continue to
be committed to our customers by making the necessary investment in our customer service organization and equipment infrastructure.




FAST INTERNET MEANS…Blackfoot configures its network so that your line (dial-up or DSL) can achieve the speed for which you subscribed.  However, several factors out of our control affect the speed of your Internet and not all lines can support the full available speed.  Actual connection speed of your service depends on a number of factors including:


Internet traffic and congestion, a.k.a. bandwidth

In the United States, the highest Internet usage (congestion) takes place usually when people get home from work. Internet response times during this time period depend on the location of the web sites you access.  Additionally, the immense popularity and increasing use of voice and video applications magnifies these limitations.


The distance of your home from a Blackfoot central office

Your Internet access speed is dependent upon this distance. As with all ISP’s, the further you are away from the central office, the lower your bandwidth.


Viruses or Spyware

These can adversely affect your computer and its ability to surf the Internet. Viruses and /or Spyware can intercept your Internet data or take over parts of your browser. Blackfoot can provide you with the most advanced security and anti-spyware available today to protect your system. For more information, call us at 406-541-5000.


Traffic and congestion on your home network or corporate LAN (Local Area Network)

Internet response time is dependent upon what each user is doing.  Multiple simultaneous users typically results in reduced response time.


As an example...It takes longer to download a computer program, movie, pictures or music files with a 1.5MB connection than it does with a 6MB connection. We strongly suggest a cost-effective upgrade from dial-up to high-speed DSL or a DSL upgrade that will enhance your user experience.


Two key actions are most often the cause of a poor Internet experience:


1) Using a dial-up subscription to download program, music and/or video files or accessing complex web sites containing graphics and/or animations. Attempting to download very large files (such as computer programs, music or videos) with insufficient bandwidth; and


2) Attempting to access Web sites outside the United States. Generally speaking, any site you attempt to access in Asia or Eastern Europe will always be noticeably slower than access to sites in the U.S. regardless of your subscribed bandwidth. This is generally because the investment in the country’s network infrastructure by telecom companies hasn’t kept pace with the millions that are going on-line in these countries.





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